You can buy a top quality pulk from Hit.

Our pulks have been pulled both in our native woods and fjells as well as on arctic expeditions in Svalbard, Greenland, the Antarctic and lake Baikal.

Here an example list:

Reissu Petet (Mäkelä&Vuorenmaa): Svalbard (many tours), Greenland 2008
Teemu Lakkasuo: South Pole 2008 (failed)
Vesa Luomala: Greenland, the South Pole 2013 (first Finn alone)
Mike O’ Shea&Claire O’ Leary: The Ice Project, Baikal 2013, the geographical North Pole 2014 (failed)

Hit pulks are generally sold by tailor made solutions.

In our most sold models, the Smallhit and Bighit the product priced on the webshop is a standard one and can be bought as such. As a standard product they include a fully skibased pulk hull, regular heavier tarp with rolled poles/rubber cord closing/tightening mechanism, standard one lenght pulling poles (in the Bighit with extreme reinforcement), rubber down and up ends of the pulling poles (in the Bighit reinforced with a strap) and Hit’t basic pulling belt. In practice nowadays almost all customers want to add some extra features from the pulk parts and extra options list.

The Childhit, Bigtrackhit and Hit Ultima Thule are such products, where the needs of the customer dominate very strongly, who much tailored a product is good for their needs and thus the prices given in the webshop are pretty suggestive bottom prices. To point out as an example, the Childhit and Bigtrackhit can be equiped with a chair made to the measurements of the pulk, which backrest can be cut to the needs of the customer (child – handicapped) and equiped with a five point safety harness. It is naturally evident that such an extra feature costs a lot more.

In all cases we recommend that a Hit pulk be bought with interaction with the manufacturer, thus getting the best result to fit your needs. This is also one of the principles that separates us from other pulk manufacturers.

You can also rent pulks from us and test which suits you best.

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