Outdoors Weather




Tampere has a continental humid climate. The variation in temperatures between winter and summer is clear. For example in 2005 the highest temperature in Tampere was +28,7 °C, when the lowest temperature was −18,8 °C. The yearly average is typically a bit over +4 °C. The highest temperature are usually measured in July, but the sunniest in Tampere is in June, when we have around 272 hours of sunshine. The cloudiest it is late in the year, in October-December.

The yearly precipitation is around 600 mm. August is the rainiest month, and the Autumn rains can be plenty in September-November, which is typical for South-Finland climate. Spring is the driest season.

As in all of Finland, the effect of the Golf stream shows also in Tampere. The climate is a bit warmer than at the same latitudes elsewhere. The climate in Tampere is also effected by Pyynikki ridge, the big open lake areas both to the south and north of the city and the all year round open Tammerkoski river in the center of the city.