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New events and other interesting things

To Counterbalance the Ending Black Week

Black Week was here❗️ If this spending party made you dizzy, then Hit has a solution: gift cards!
Gift cards are a great, non-material gift to remember a loved one! 💚
You can buy your friends an experience for a certain activity or alternatively let them choose their favorite activity from our versatile selection.
🎁 This is a good choice as a Christmas present also.
Did you know that we can send the gift card directly to the receiver, so you can make your purchase right away from your couch by sending us a message to, how handy!!🤩

The Change of the Language Plugin for Our Webpage

We have had to change the language plugin for our web page, because the old plugin was not anymore compatible with the newest updates of our page platform, WordPress. Due to this reason our pages were momentarily in maintenance mode. Now we have published them again, but we are still working on the web store pages. They should return to normal functionality within this week. Thank you for your patience.