Näsijärven panoraama Siilinkarin kohdalta

Siilinkari Winter Café

Hiking Travel has a hut café by Siilinkari lighthouse island in the Winter time. We serve warm bewerages and snacks. Siilinkari is a very popular destination in Winter. We invite you to come and enjoy Winter and our Siilinkari Winter Café.

– doughnut 3€
– sausage 3€
– hot chocolate 3€
– coffee 2€
– tee 1€
– juice 1€

NOTICE! At the moment the only way of payment is by cash money.


We try to open the café on every possible day on the Näsijärvi lake ice season.

CAFE closed for season 2023!

You can get to Siilinkari using the tour skating track we maintain:

When using the track mind the track rules: