Rent Equipment

For your leisure time we offer all sorts of sports equipment for hire – from a mini-sized squirt kayak to a super-sized group kick sled.

If in the process of buying equipment it is wise to test before making the purchase. We are more than willing to help you in the choosing of just the right equipment for you.

For summer we rent eg. canoes (starting in size from squirt kayak and ending with a big canoe), kick bikes and camping equipment.

For all winter fun we eg. rent: snowshoes, x-country- and telemark skis, kick sleds and skates. For those going on longer trips we have pulks, tents and backpacking stoves.

As an additional service to rentals we can provide you with both passenger and equipment transport. And if needed we can also acquire some small items (such as maps or fuel for your camping cookers) for you.