Equipment Service

We service skis and tour skating equipment by order at our winter sports rental shop the Bikini Bar (see the directions). Our open hours you will find here.

Tour skating:
-Mounting bindings on the skates, 10 e.
-Shortening poles, 10 e.
-Sharpening skate blades while waiting, 10 e.

Mounting of bindings on track and touring telemark skis:
If both skis and bindings are bought from us, 0 e.
If bindings and/or skis are bought from elsewhere, 16,50 e.

Ski waxing:
-Classic style skis grip wax quick fix, 5 e.
-Skating style skis glide wax quick fix, 10 e.

-Skating/classic style skis glide base wax, 15 e.
-Skating/classic style skis full glide wax (base wax+condition wax), 25 e.

-Classic style skis grip base wax, 20 e
-Classic style skis grip and glide base wax, 30 e.
-Classic style skis full wax (base+both glide and grip condition wax), 50 e.

-Downhill/ telemark skis glide base wax, 20 e.
-Downhill/ telemark skis full wax (base+condition wax), 30 e.