Tour Skating Tampere Finland

Hiking Travel, Hit maintains a tour skating track on Näsijärvi lake in Tampere, just by the city center. For example the distance from the railway station to the track is only about 1 km long. At the official starting point of the track at Kaupinoja serves our rental shop the Bikini Bar. And on the weekends and ski holiday weeks we have a winter cafe open on Siilinkari lighthouse island, where the track also takes you.

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The official adress of the starting point of the track is Kaupinpuistonkatu 4 (the Bikini Bar). But you may go to the track from any shore it passes on the way. The track leaves from Kaupinoja along the shore to the tip of Lapinniemi cape. Here the track forks in to two. The other fork continues by the shore all the way until the end of Santalahti bay. And the other fork goes to Siilinkari (winter cafe). Depending on the conditions we maintain also an additional strech of track continuing from Siilinkari all the way to Siivikkala. All in all, with this part the total lenght of the track is about 20 km. For the 2018 season we opened a new strech of track from Siilinkari to Halkoniemi.

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We rent mainly tour skates, boots and poles from the Bikini Bar. But you can also find many other winter sports equipment from us: skis, snowshoes, kick sleds, pulks etc.

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To accommodate the sometimes vast traffic on the track we have come up with our tour skating track rules. By following them you are not only making the traffic smoother but also safer for everyone on the ice.

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To end with a teaser, here is a playlist of our YouTube tour skating videos:

Welcome to tour skate on Näsijärvi in Tampere!