Professional Training

The nature tourism, rural tourism and wilderness training we organize in cooperation with various different educational institutes is both profession prepatory and updating training. For small groups and individual persons we offer instructional training also in different outdoorsports and wilderness activities as in hiking, skiing, paddling and nordic ice skating.

Hiking Travel has the competence to organize both Finnish Canoeing Instructors Association and Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation instructor, guide and guide trainer courses.

Pekka Tyllilä is the chairman of the Finnish Canoeing Instructors Association and a guide trainer. Tapio Tyllilä is also a Finnish Canoeing Instructors Association guide trainer and on top of that he also has the competence of a Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation guide trainer. Tapio can also judge general European EPP (Euro Paddle Pass) standards.

If you want to take part in this training or pass EPP standards, please contact us for further info. The courses are regularly in Finnish, but EPP standars are easy to judge in English also.

Pekka has written an extensive paddling book material to the net. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Finnish Canoe Federation, Santa Sport and Wasalab Oy. From the address http://melonta.wasalab.com you can find information on paddling equipment, techniques, safety and touring.
The text has been divided into three columns: for the self educating paddler, for the paddling instructor and for the byrocrats.
With the index you can jump to any given header. With each column header you can force the other columns to the same coinsiding header.

Check out and read! You will definitely learn something new.