Childrens Trackhit


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A short and wide pulk for pulling children. The the bottom is a similar ski track base to the ones above.

Size: length 140 cm, width 50 cm and height 19 cm.

There are two models of the Childrens Trackhit:

-the basic model of the Childrens Trackhit, where you have normal package cover. In addition to pulling your child you can also take other package.

-the adapted model of the Childrens Trackhit especially suited for special needs children. MALIKE has taken part in the development. From there you can also get assesments on its use and rent the pulk. In this pulk you have reinforced and dynamic pulling shafts and a seat which is attached firmly and which is easy to take off and move. In addition in the back you have a steering bar, which is attached solidly and simple and fast with two bolts.

Price starting from 640 €.

Choosing a good combination of different features for the pulk comes with cooperation with us. This way we can build just the right configuration for your needs.

Look at the parts configuration and options from here.

Contacts: and p. +358 40 517 6527 (Pekka Tyllilä).

The easy glide of this pulk is to be enjoyed by also others than the one pulling!


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