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By its measures the middle one of Hit pulk series, the Bighit is a quality pulk with a lot of space. You can easily fit over a weeks tour equipment into the pulk. The front end is designed so that it rises over obstacles easily. The bottom has two skis which help with side slipping on hills.

All our pulks are highly modifiable to the needs of the customer. Usually the Bighit pulk is equiped with ski base plastic for the whole base of the pulk. Now as a feature you can also get the pulk with steel rails to help with side slipping.

The measurements of this pulk are 180×50 cm and its volume is 450 litres.

A reasonable package with ski base plastic bottom starting at 1160 €. The package includes a basic tarp, rubber cords and hooks (plastic/steel) for the tying of the package, poles which have rubber top and bottom ends and a basic pulling belt.

Choosing a good combination of different features for the pulk comes with cooperation with us. This way we can build just the right configuration for your needs.

Look at the parts configuration and options from here.

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