Tour Skating Track Rules

1. The track is intended only for skating and kick sledding.
1.1. Do not go on the track if it is covered with snow  or if it is wet. The prints left by moving there may freeze before the plowing of the track.
1.2. Dogs are allowed, just as long as they are kept in a short enough leash and in the control of the owner. The skater with a dog must keep to the very right side of the track so that the dog is to the right. All droppings must be collected off the track!

2. Other forms of moving are allowed next to the skating track on the tracks made for walking, skiing and biking.

3. Abide right side traffic on the skating track.
3.1. Skate on the right side of the track.
3.2. Dodge to the right.
3.3. Pass from the left.
3.4. Take into account the condition of the track, cracks or other unevenness in the track when evaluating your own and other skaters need for space.

4. Keep enough space between yourself and the plowing tractor and the maintenance traffic to Siilinkari. Especially the left side (in the driving direction) of the plowing tractor is dangerous and on that side the minimum space in between is 2 m when passing it. Do not leave your boot or other equipment bags on the side of the track in the way of the plowing tractor.

5. Do not break the surface of a freezing track. There may be freezing puddles on the track. Dodge them.

6. Moving on the track must be consistent.
6.1. Do not bounce around from one side of the track to the other needlessly.
6.2. Do not stop needlessly without making sure that you have enough space for it from the other users.
6.3. Dodge other users in advance.

7. When moving in a group you must use less than the half width of the track. Others passing the group must have space to do so without crossing the “middle line”. We advice you to move in maximum in a double line.

8. If you stop for a chat, picnic break, to take photos or for other purposes, you must go to the very right side of the track.

9. Do not throw trash on the track (there are trash bins on both ends of the track).

10. If you have children with you, make sure that they also understand these rules.

11. We advice you to use a helmet and knee pads.

12. We advice you to use a pram for children that are young enough. In a pram the child is better protected (high and covered) than in an open sled by the ice surface.

13. You are to abide by the hand on instructions given by the track master and other maintenance crew.

By keeping to these rules you are ensuring a safe outdoor enjoyment for all. Thank you!