Through us you can find tested knowledge about pulks. We have used pulks in winter touring already from the 70’s onwards. Because of this we have had the chance to test many different pulk models and brands and ended up with specific solutions in our own pulks. We manufacture our own brand of Hit pulks, which are in many features much further developed from outher competing brand models.

A thorough article about different pulk features and their comparison with Hit pulks as an example you can find here (in Finnish): https://hikingtravelhit.fi/ahkion-ominaisuudet-ja-suunnittelupaatokset-yleisesti-esimerkkitapauksena-hit-ahkiot/

A glimpse into the diffrent phases of pulk manufacturing in our company gives an article originally published on the Greenland Northward Expedition 2008 site: https://hikingtravelhit.fi/en/hit-ultima-thule-ahkion-kehitys/.

On the development onwards from 2008 you can read this article (in Finnish): https://hikingtravelhit.fi/hit-ahkioiden-kehityksesta-osa-2/.

We also take a stance on one of the the main questions of a winter ski tourer – backpack or pulk (in Finnish): https://hikingtravelhit.fi/rinkka-vai-ahkio-talvivaeltamisen-ydinkysymyksia-ja-jos-rinkka-niin-millainen-tai-millainen-ahkio/

Our pulks have been pulled both in our native woods and fjells as well as on arctic expeditions in Svalbard, Greenland, the Antarctic and lake Baikal.

Here an example list:

  • Reissu Petet (Mäkelä&Vuorenmaa): Svalbard (many tours), Greenland 2008
  • Teemu Lakkasuo: South Pole 2008 (failed)
  • Vesa Luomala: Greenland, the South Pole 2013 (first Finn alone)
  • Mike O’ Shea&Claire O’ Leary: The Ice Project, Baikal 2013, the geographical North Pole 2014 (failed)


Our own pulk models you can find from our web shop:

And here is a playlist of our videos about Hit pulks on Youtube: