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Big Hit Pulk Tested

We went to test the newest type of our Big Hit pulks at Kaupinoja rocks near our canoe rental shop. The lake is still completely frozen and there is a thick layer of snow on the rocks, so the conditions were ideal for the testing.

We loaded the pulk with a few concrete blocks and haystacks to give the sense of real loading. The concrete provided the weight and the haystacks added height to the cargo. The purpose was to test how the H-frame system could hold the pulk upright in sidesloping conditions when there is weight and height in the cargo.

And it worked fine! At the end we also tested the tracking of the X-frame system and it worked also. It is nice to do there sort of tests when to equipment works smoothly and the sun is shining.

Here you can find video of the test


Kicking to the Tracks

You can take a kick bike out for a spin on the jogging and forest trails.
And with the same piece of equipment you can also fly in town.

Rent a Tuplapotku kick bike from us!

It is the right choice when the weather gets colder
and you don’t have proper clothing for canoeing.
On the lake there is always a breeze,
while on land it is still.

You get the equipment from our Kaupinoja storage.
Check out the times from here. Or call Tapio, p. 040 7457803.

Check out the video!