SUP Tampere


SUP or Stand Up Paddling! Develops general balance as well as balance needed in other paddle sports and acts as a good all body workout.


Season: June-August.
Time: Thu 18.45-20.30

This is a guidance centered on the basic techniques of SUP. Depending on the conditions and group we may alsso paddle a short distance to some nearby destination.

SUP basics curriculum:

Starting point

– Choosing the paddle board, adjusting the paddle length

– Getting on the board, knee position, getting on your feet

– Keeping the board on course in forwards paddling

– Paddling from the same side, C-stroke (bow rudder and J-stroke combination). Keeping the board on course is easier with the start of the stroke than at the end.

– Changing paddle sides in keeping the board going straight and efficient forwards paddling

– Efficient forward paddling (reach forward, powerful start to the stroke while simultaniously bending from the knees and there after quick catch for the next stroke). The right timing of the start of the stroke and the bending of the knees.

– Efficient spinning of the board by moving to the stern

– Side slipping

Price: 25 e (guidance) + if needed equipment 10 e.

Booking by 6 pm the evening before the guidance and info:, p. +358 40 7457803 (Tapio).

Also by order for groups! You can also just rent paddle boards from us.


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