Lempäälä Canoe Round Tour


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The start for the tour is at our base, the Bikini Bar at Kaupinoja at 10 am and the return to the same place at 3 pm. The duration of the whole tour is 5 hours. At Kaupinoja we will load the required canoeing equipment to the transportation units and see that there are enough places for people transportation also. From here the tour continues to Lempäälä by car.

The starting point of the canoeing is at Lempoinen beach or the boat ramp next to it. The return is to the same place. This is an suburban 10 km paddling route around Lempäälä. Habitation, houses, roads, a railway, a dozen bridges and the Lempäälä channel lock gates. The lock gates are 160 m long and the water level difference 2 m. There is also nice nature along the way like Ahtiala lake bird habitat and Herrala and Koukkala rapids. The acclaimed Café Siiri is also along the way, and we will be making a stop there in the beginning of the tour (remember to bring some money/a credit card with you for the café).

We will paddle the tour by default with our own Hit-Kiili C6 voayager canoes. By agreement you can take part in the tour with other equipment also, especially if you have previous paddling experience.

You must have clothing according to the weather and it is best to take a full set of spare clothes with you in case of getting wet.

The price for the tour is:
85 €/person, if the transportation and equipment comes from us,
75 €/person, if the transportation comes from us and you have your own equipment,
70 €/person, if the equipment comes from us and you have your own transportation,
60 €/person, if you have your own transportation and equipment.

Number of participants minimum 3 persons.

Booking by 6 pm the evening before the tour and additional info:
tapio.tyllila@hikingtravelhit.fi, p. 040 7457803 (Tapio).

We recommend the tours especially for those who have participated in our courses and guidances! Notice! Also available for groups by order!


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