TSL Symbioz Racing


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The Symbioz Racing has been specially designed for high-speed snowshoe enthusiasts. Their extreme flexibility offers a completely natural-feeling stride, fantastic weight transfer and unparalleled lightness, making these snowshoes a natural extension of your body.

The Hyperflex Concept frame gives you a completely natural foot-strike and propulsion, ensuring that your stride is as natural as possible for maximum grip on both your snowshoes and the snow. Thanks to its shape memory, these snowshoes store energy when flexed and release it at the end of your stride.

Tighten and loosen your snowshoes in a flash with pre-set adjustments which stores the memory of your foot: pre-adjust the length, the toe and the heel + the tightening strap and slip them on effortlessly.

Extreme grip with 4 studs and atraction bar under the heel which can be adjusted for any size of foot (TSL Patent).

Snowshoe size: 59 cm x 20,4 cm
Carrying capacity: 50–120 kg
Shoe size: 36–47
Weight: only 650 g per pair


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