Hit-Kiili C6


  • Hit Kiili C6 suurkanootti, aikaisemmalta nimeltään C6 Teno 2000

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Paddling joy for a group together

Is your canoe getting crammed. Wouldn’t it be nice, if your whole group could paddle in the same canoe​? The Hit-Kiili C6 canoe is intended for six, but you can load even eight persons in it. When paddling group effort is more power and even talking to eachother goes better when you don’t have to shout to other canoes.

Technical details: lenght 648 cm, width 120 cm, hull height approx. 50 cm and weight approx. 120 kg. The C6 complies with Finnish Maritime safety standards.
The Hit-Kiili canoe is considerably faster than a double canoe and easy to handle. It is easier for beginners to paddle a C6 than a double canoe.
As an extra accessory you can buy a protective cover for the canoe for storage. You can find the details of the cover from here: https://hikingtravelhit.fi/en/kauppa/hit-kiili-c6-kansi/

You can find the canoes in Finland from e.g.: Kisakallio Sports Institute, Häme Polytechnic Evo Unit, Santa Sport and  Iloranta Farm, Holiday Center Pukkila and Youth Center Anjala.



Additional information

Weight 115 kg
Dimensions 648 × 120 × 50 cm