Hit values: what is important for our company


means to us, that

Health and wellbeing

1) for our customers: truthful marketing, listening to the needs and wishes of the client, flexibility and fast response, safety… We aim at long term client relationships and keep in contact regularly. Feed-back is important to us.

2) for our employees: we aim to find the right professional to each task, work safety above all, we encourage and support professional education and have flexible working hours.

3) for our cooperators: we keep them updated, our cooperation is based on written agreements, which we have made together, we are open and have contact with them otherwise also. We do R&D together.

4) for the environment: we protect and charish the valuable Finnish. We favor as less waste tours as possible, avoid motorised activities and follow the old hikers ethical traditions. We appreciate our social network, buy from small producers and use local and organic food. We maintain our equipment thus lengthening its lifespan and use. We avoid disposable products.

In happiness

Our programs (education included) is based on voluntarity and its goal is to promote safely and responsibly happiness, good spirit and wellbeing. No customer should be hurt or made to feel embarrased. A smile is the best start to customer service and working is a joy.

To prosper

As a private company we need to be economically profitable. Employment means a lot to us. With our programs we also want to improve the prosperity of our customers and cooperators, eg. as better work climate.