Guided River Paddling Tour, Rivers Haukka / Väärä

Guided river paddling tours in Pirkanmaa.



Season: April-May.
Dates: 16.5.2021 (Vääräjoki)

On the river tours there are to destinations: Haukkajoki (only by order in Spring 2021), which runs from Haukkajärvi lake in Helvetinjärvi National Park to Kurunlahti in Näsijärvi. On the Haukkajoki tour we will go through some rapids (at max. class II, Karhukoski). The other destination is Vääräjoki, which flows from Parkano lake to Kyrösjärvi in Ikaalinen. Vääräjoki is a canyon river. There ar no actual rapids on Vääräjoki, just currents.

In Spring 2021 the tour equipment will be big voyager canoes (Hit-Kiili of our own making) and the destination Vääräjoki! By special agreement also other canoes/kayaks possible. And Haukkajoki tour only by order.

This is a full day tour.

Start and return to our Kaupinoja base.

The price:
Including guiding, servings, equipment and transportation of equipment and participants, 95 e.
There is only 2-3 seats in the transportation for the participants.
Including guiding, servings and transportation of equipment or participants, 85 e.
Including only guiding and servings, 75 e.

Number of participants 5-8 pers.

We will have a picnic lunch break on the tour. We will offer grilled sausages and black pot coffee. Other food and drinks you have to bring with you.

Entries and additional info:, p. 040 7457803 (Tapio).

We recommend the tours especially for those who have participated in our courses and guidances! Notice! Also available for groups by order!