Pekka Tyllilä, M.Sc.


An experienced paddling guide trainer (Finnish Canoeing Instructors Association member of the board), touring equipment developer and tester.
Has competence in various outdoor activities.

Liisa Tyllilä, Translator and Interpreter


The good spirit nature witch and cotton girl.
Experience in nature tourism from 1979, tourism educator.

Tapio Tyllilä, MA


Multifield athlete from philosophy of sports studies to freestyle kayaking and all in between. Paddling guide trainer (Finnish Canoeing Instructors Association, Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation) and rope activities instructor (FCA KTO), ski instructor (SHOry).

Tuire Tyllilä, Artisan in Textiles

Learning by doing in the family company. Outdoor sports as a passion: especially kayaking and climbing. By vocational training an expert in throwbag, pulk tarp and other textile work. Over ten years experience as a Summer pirate captain.

Tiina Luhtala, Nature Guide

Bothnian born, swedish raised outdoors woman. Favourite sports include tour skating, paddling, acrobatics and ice hole swimming. Paddling instructor (Finnish Canoeing Instructors Association) and an almost ready (lacking authorization) rope activities instructor (FCA KTO).

Elli Lammela, Youth and Leisure Instructor

A multifield talent, who enjoys taking people closer to nature.

Ville-Waltteri (Waltsu) Määttä, Wilderness and Nature Guide

An easy-going wilderness and nature guide, and a good fisherman!

Mikko Sorrela, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), main field in culture services and events


Multifield outdoors, sports and trekking fill my schedule. Paddling instructor (Finnish Canoe Federation). As a crowning achievement in water activities Sea Rescue Course (The Guides and Scouts of Finland).

Oskar Ek, Nature Guide


The man from Lapland, now in Tampere. Know how in nature in his blood roots. Knows how to hold and use tools. Paddling instructor (Finnish Canoeing Instructors Assosiation) and rope activities instructor (FCA KTO).

Janne Lehtinen, Ph.D.

Our third man vote. An enthusiastic product developer and tester.
Specialized in paddling.

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